Spiral Fish Coprolite

Bohemian Crapsody - 1st Movement
Bohemian Cretaceous Basin Upohlavy
Czech Republic
50° 27' 38.5956" N, 14° 2' 58.0812" E
45 mm x 23 mm x 22 mm

Do you think Queen had poop in mind when they sang "Let me go" in Bohemian Rhapsody? No? Well, I knew it was a stretch. I bet Freddie and the gang would have changed the lyrics if they would have seen this beauty. I can hear them now:

Is this a real poop? Is this a fossil cone?
Exposed in a landslide, it escaped from eternity.
Check it out guys, it came from an ancient sea...

Okay, okay, back to business, so to speak. Looking at this spiral coprolite, it is easy to see why scientists first thought these were fossil fir cones. Although this type of coprolite is generally thought to have been produced by a shark, some rays, skates, bichirs, and lungfishes are also have spiral valves. Whoever the poopetrator, it swam this ancient seaway that once occupied this area approximately 90 million years ago.

Latitude: 50.463102300000
Longitude: 14.035545400000