Teplice Formation (Basal)

Teplice Formation is a sub-basin of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin located in northern Bohemia, Czech Republic. During the Late Turonian Stage of the Late Cretaceous Period (approximately 90 million years ago), this area was the bed of ancient seaway that connected the North Sea Basin to the Tethys Ocean. When the term "basal" is used in reference to a geologic formation, it means it is toward the bottom or base of that formation. A "Coprolite Bed" marks the boundary between this formation and the Jizera Formation below it. A coprolite bed" is simply a layer of rock that contains a lot of fossil poo. There are actually two coprolite beds toward the bottom of this formation.

Fossilized fish remains found in the coprolite beds of this formation include:

​Marine reptile remains that have been found include: