Coprolite or Regurgitalite with Possible Feather Imprints

Vomit or Poop, That is the Question
Fossil Type: 
Vertebra (avian?)
Isle of Sheppey, England
United Kingdom

This unassuming, little specimen has a very interesting surface texture and numerous bone inclusions. I haven't yet been able to identify the entree, but the vertebra inclusion resembles those belonging to birds. Some of the surface texture looks similar to what could be impressions from compacted feathers. In other areas, it looks more like traces left by something feeding on the fecal matter. 

Because of its unusual texture and the undigested nature of the bone inclusions, it is possible this specimen could actually be a fossilized bolus, an unexpelled avian pellet, or a fossilized regurgitate (regurgitalite) rather than a coprolite. Take a look at the "Little Owl" pellets shown on the Barn Owl Trust site. They have very simiar shape. That said, there is more phosphatic, fully digested material than one would expect with something that has been yacked up. Regardless which end it came from, it sure is fun to explore the possibilities!

Perhaps one day a CT scan will be performed on this specimen. Fur or feathers would likely show up as tiny voids if present in the interior.