Alfred Hitchrock Presents: The Turds

May River Bluffton , SC
United States
South Carolina US
73 mm x 40 mm high

If you use your imagination, you might be able to see the facial profile of a bald man with chubby cheeks when looking at this rather loose fossilized stool. I can almost hear a ghostly "Good eve-en-ing" in my head when I look at this one. Yeah, I know hearing voices in your head isn't necessarily a good thing. Long, long ago, when TVs were black and white, I used to sit in the living room and watch "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" with my grandma. His head wasn't quite as pointy as the poo, but check it out.

Ooooo! Someone very near and dear to me pointed out that you can see a puppy with floppy ears (with its snout angled to the right) in the last photo.