Segmented Herbivore Coprolite (Caterpillar?) in Amber

Caterpillar Caca
Dominican Republic

This coprolite looks very similar to those produced by some modern caterpillars. The shape of caterpillar poop depends upon the shape of their intestine. How Caterpillars Work has a wonderful image of a caterpillar digestive system. 

This piece of amber also includes some stellate plant hairs (the little star shaped plant fibers), and a flying insect covered in a white milky substance. What is the white stuff? I could be some sort of entomopathogenic fungus. This type of fungus infects insects while they are still alive, slowing killing it's host as it feeds on it. YUCK! If I had to pick a way to go, it definitely wouldn't be eaten alive by a fungus!

ANOTHER FUN FACT: Caterpillar poop is also know as frass.