Possible Pyritized Coprolite

POO-ls Gold #2
Fossil Type: 
United States
Alabama US

These pyrite nuggets come from an ancient sea bed that existed 75 to 85 million years ago.  When it comes to coprolites that have been pyritized, it is really hard to tell if they indeed had fecal origins. This is because anything organic (in this case the poop) is completely replaced by mineral. So all we can go by is shape and location and come from a fossiliferous location. 

As the saying goes, there is no use crying over cracked crap. That IS how the saying goes, right? Nevertheless, the smallest nodule did break, and revealed something that could be the remnants of an inclusion. Chemical analysis of the white, powdery inclusion would be necessary. If it contains calcium, phosphate or a combination thereof, the chance that it is a coprolite goes up. The fact that it includes anything, it a plus when it comes to poo potential. However, for now, these will remain in the "maybe poo" pile.