Possible Pyritized Coprolite or Flatworm

Flat Out Stool?
Fossil Type: 

As with all poop pyrite, it is really hard to tell if they are really coprolites. This specimen looks like it was extruded using a flat cake decorating tool. It was found in an empty layer between two fossil layers containing pyritized ammonites (Cotteswoldia sp.). So what makes flat ribbons of poop? Fish with spiral valves make fecal ribbons, but they are wound up before being ejected. Could this be one that uncurled just prior to being preserved? Or is this some sort of marine flatworm? Generally speaking, pyritization completely replaces soft bodies and squishy organic material like poop. So we may never know for sure. Even if it isn't stool, it sure is cool! 

This intriguing specimen was found in June 2020 by David Gluck.