Possible Pyritized Coprolite with Foraminifera Inclusions

Forams in the Feces?
Fossil Type: 
Weight Freeform: 
59 g

Is this really a coprolite? Maybe. When it comes to poo pyrite, it is hard to tell because all of the sulfates (the stinky stuff) in the poo are gobbled up by sulfate reducing bacteria which then expel sulfide. The sulfide combines with iron in the water and sediment to produce iron sulfide, which is also known as pyrite or fool's gold. In this instance, it may be more accurate to call it "poo-ls gold." 

So what are the little white things in this specimen? These inclusions are the shells, known as tests, of single-celled marine organisms known as foraminifera (forams for short).  Many types of forams still exist today and are a food source for marine creatures like fish, snails and sand dollars. 

This possible marine coprolite was found near the Black Sea.