Lumbricaria with Crinoid Inclusions

Poo-sta Anyone?
Floating crinoids (Saccocoma)
Eichstätt, Bavaria
Approx 5 cm diameter pile, 1 mm dia extrusion

Prehistoric pasta? Not quite. Unless, of course, you like your pasta made with predigested crinoid bits. As you can see, there is quite the accumulation of stringy fecal fun, indicating its creator probably wasn't moving around too much. Under magnification undigested crinoids pinnules are visible. So these these small, crunchy critters were definitely on the menu. 

What makes this specimen even more exceptional is a possible urchin feeding trace adjacent to the coprolite. It is located in the area circled in the second photograph. A microscopic photo of the feeding trace can be seen just below that photo.

The last photo is an example of a fossilized floating crinoid (Saccocoma sp.). Examples like this can help identify inclusions found in coprolites. Another great source to aid in the identification of floating crinoid inclusions is Functional anatomy and mode of life of the latest Jurassic crinoid Saccocoma by Michał Brodacki (2006). The paper contains detailed images of individual body parts.

Latitude: 48.891250800000
Longitude: 11.189986100000