Coprolite Segment with Spincter (Pinch) Mark

Double D
Coastal River, Savannah , GA
United States
Georgia US

The "nipple" on this coprolite was left by the animals sphincter as it pinched off this poo. Although it is impossible to definitively identify the creator of most coprolites, the pinch mark and the lack of inclusions indicate this fossilized fecal sample may have been expelled by a crocodile or one of its cousins.

The holes were created by piddocks boring into the already fossilized poop. One of these creatures may have provided a meal to a hungry sea urchin. Evidence for this can be seen in the fourth photo. Sea urchins leave star shaped feeding traces. Bryozoans also made there home on the surface of this porous coprolite. 

Latitude: 32.035664200000
Longitude: -81.044836300000