Coprolite-Filled Broad-Back Weevil Cocoon

See No Weevil
Eyre Peninsula SA
South Australia AU

Here we have a Broad-back Weevil (Leptopius duponti) cocoon from South Austrailia. Since the cocoon was found unopened, the hole you see in the top was created by me and not an adult weevil exiting upon maturation. 

Although I was hoping to find an intact weevil larva, it was fun to discover an air pocket filled with oodles and oodles of COPROLITES! In a sense, the weevil was still there, just in a digested state. Both loose and compacted coprolites were present along with what appears to be irregularly-shaped, smooth rubble. 

The coprolites were most likely from an invertebrate that fed on the weevil larva. Since the coprolites vary in size, it is possible the parasitic creature(s) fed on our pupating beetle friend at various stages of their own development. There also appears to be elongated cocoons, possibly from the parasites themselves. They are much more fibrous than the coprolites.

This specimen is dedicated to Troy Thompson and his wonderful No Evil Project. His project is totally unrelated to coprolites, but nothing's perfect!