Carnivore Coprolite

Danny's Doo
Fossil Type: 
South Dempsey Quarry Kemmerer
United States
8.7 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm

This coprolite is rather large in comparison to most found in the prehistoric fossil lake. Who produced the poop? We may never know. That said, we do know that fossil remains of crocodilians were found in this formation. Inclusions are rarely found in crocodile poop because they have highly acidic digestive systems. If it was a crocodile, it would have been around a 9-foot creature, based on Jesper Milàn's formula. His study of modern crocodilians revealed a direct correlation between the diameter of their poop and their length...HOW FUN IS THAT!

This coprolite is named in honor of Danny's 8th birthday. Have a pooper special day, and doo it up right!