Carnivore Coprolite with Fish Tooth Plate Inclusion

Poo on My Plate
Fossil Type: 
Fish tooth plate
Fish bones and scales
Possible jaw fragment
Quay County , NM
United States
New Mexico US

This coprolite has a minute imprint of a tooth plate, most likely from a fish. Since there are tiny bits of tooth fragments still embedded in the coprolite, either the tooth plate belonged to the prey ingested by our poopetrator or it was embedded on the surface when the fresh poop landed on it.

To the best of my knowledge, tooth plates of this type have not yet been described by scientists. What this means is that, for now, the tooth plate belongs to a fish with no name. 

The University of Minnesota's X-ray CT Lab was kind enough to scan this coprolite. Unfortunately, a second tooth plate was not present. As you can see by the CT imagery, there are numerous fish scales inclusions and an interesting bone that may be part of a fish jaw.