Carnivore Coprolite with Fish Tooth and Bone Inclusions

Kung Poo
Fossil Type: 
Fish vertebrae
Fish tooth
Fish bones
Sihedang Town, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province

This poor coprolite is pretty beat up. The fossilized feces is much, much softer (like wax) than the surrounding matrix. That is likely why so many gouges were left on the prepared surface. The coprolite broke free from the matrix during shipping. While trying to prep the underside, it broke into three pieces. Alas, breakage is not always a bad thing. Many more fish inclusions can be seen as a result.

Because of all the bird and pterosaur fossils found in the area, locals attribute coprolites of this type to those critters. As with most coprolites, we may never know for sure what animal produced them.